Building Relationships.
Building Communities.
Building Futures.

Who we are

We are NOVVA. We are part of your community. We advocate for your community. And we want to develop your community.

Having nearby friends, neighbours you can rely on, and a strong sense of community are all important parts of life. We need others around us who can support us. At NOVVA, we strive to build a community that caters to those needs.

That’s why we’re invested in bringing a better sense of connection and friendship to the neighbourhoods in the area. When we design your spaces, whether residential or commercial, we’re building a nurturing ground for communities to grow, connect, and support one another.

The Pembina Valley is home to many outstanding businesses. We have made it our goal to support local any chance we can – whether that be coffee for our morning meetings, lumber to build our houses, or those who help us advertise. It is the best feeling when businesses come together for a common goal and complete a project. If you’re interested in working with us, email or give us a call.
our process

NOVVA helps you through every step of the building process, from customizing the blueprint, to choosing interior and exterior designs, and hiring builders and tradespeople, all while making sure it matches your vision, and your budget.



When we help you design your new home, we’re not just building a house, we’re building a community,    a lifestyle, and a future for you and those in the area.

Whether you’re buying your first house, looking to upgrade to your dream home, or just wanting to stand out, NOVVA will find what’s right for you.



A community isn’t a community without local businesses, which is why we also offer commercial development.

Let us help you find the perfect commercial space we will help you design it and customize it. Get the buzz your business needs from the very first glance, with the curb appeal that you desire.