work with us

When you choose to build with NOVVA, we help you through every step. You have full flexibility, and we work with you to fulfill your vision while keeping within your budget.

1. Initial Meeting


We will schedule a time to meet in person to discuss your project, wish list and budget.

2. Designer Introduction


If required for your project, our second meeting will include the correct Architectural Technologist and/or Interior Design team to help design your dream project. In this meeting, we will discuss your ideas and plans for the space.

3. Project and Design Proposal


Based on the two previous meetings, NOVVA Builders and our design team will provide you with a project and design proposal that will include an expected budget for your project. At this time if you are satisfied with the budget, we will proceed to creating your design plans if applicable.

4. Designs


Your overall project designs are finalized based on the conversations and ideas created during your one-on-one meetings with our design team.

5. Trade Knowledge Day


Our professional trade teams will arrive at the project location to take a look at their specific areas of expertise, to be able to provide pricing and specifications. This will ensure that you are provided with accurate costs and details of your project.



NOVVA Builders will then provide you with a detailed project budget based on the designs and specifications.

7. Award of Contract


When the contract is awarded to NOVVA Builders, we will take an initial deposit to begin the preparations for your project. The team will begin creating the schedule, final cost and project details. You will be notified at this time when construction will begin and schedule.

8. selections


You will be required shortly after the signing of the contract to begin your project selections.

9. Construction Start Date


Once the project has been scheduled, permits have been pulled and selections have been made, construction will promptly begin!